Analytical support

All our services are based on our unique technologies, equipment and experience and exclude the work with unrepresentative samples and allow the customer to obtain the reliable and economically beneficial results in limited time frames. Depending on task, our Company offers four main analytical support services: sample processing, mineral extraction, ore study and automated mineralogy. Each of the services consists of different sets of most basic jobs, which by-turn, connected with each other according to the strict rules of metrology. The jobs themselves could be ordered separately. The jobs are:

  1. Map analyses and field area substantiation;
  2. Field sample collection;
  3. Field sample pre-processing;
  4. Dry crushing;
  5. Dry grinding;
  6. Dry sieving;
  7. Wet sieving;
  1. Grain individualization;
  2. Electro-magnetic separation;
  3. Hydro-gravity separation with low concentration factor;
  4. Hydro-gravity separation with high concentration factor;
  5. SEM specimen preparation;
  6. SEM with EDS analyses;
  7. SEM with EDS and with automated mineralogy analyses.

Sample Processing

Sample Processing is powerful tool whenever it is necessary to deduct the volume (weight) of a sample, in order to prepare the analytical sample with suitable for chemical analyses weight, without splitting or losing the representativeness of the initial sample. Our approach, based on “ppm-mineralogy” technology (©NATI Research), allow the customer to obtain the analytical size sample, in where will be not less than 99 vol% of the component of interest, from whole volume of initial sample. Such services are most appropriate for scientific, prospecting, exploration and other applied works, connected with the base and black metals, precious metals (gold, PGEs), rare earth elements and other rare metals and minerals (uranium, diamonds…).

Mineral Extraction

Mineral Extraction is the tool, which allow the customer to obtain a few or even a single mineral grain like gold, PGMs, REE, zircon, etc, in a specimen, suitable for further analytical investigations like mineralogical characterization, isotope, medical and environmental studies and so on. Whole volume of the initial representative sample is used to extract the required minerals of interest. The extraction process is based on technology of “ppm-mineralogy”, strict metrological rules of which allow to predict and calculate the losses. In some cases, parallel to heavy fraction (HF), the middling products like fine fraction (FF) and pre-heavy fraction (PHF) could be extracted.

Ore Study

Ore Study is a tool, mission of which is to find out the ore properties used for beneficiation process (mineral forms of ore component, their size shape and association). The service is used for construction of beneficiation process scheme. As well, the service is very powerful in adjustment and problem solving of existing beneficiation process in order to raise the grade and recovery of the ore concentrators. Since all sections of the whole service chain are based on “ppm-mineralogy” technology, the final results are guaranteed to be full, clearly representative, economically reasonable, and done in appropriate time frame. As well, the strict metrological rules of the technology allow obtaining the diversity (correction factor) of the whole work at the end.

Automated Mineralogy

Automated Mineralogy is analytical service, based on Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS), with Automated Mineralogy (AM) software and hardware complex ImSca on top. This service is used for quantitative mineralogical characterization of samples for different research purposes like purely scientific studies, exploration studies, ore mineralogical studies (like beneficiation process adjustment and control) and so on. The AM complex is our own developed technology, which build on more than 20 years experience of work on the edge of SEM and geology together.