In the field of prospecting/exploration our Company offers for a customer the consulting and audit works. All our consulting and audit services are based on the Identity Factor (IF), which shows the compliance degree of reflection in results and reports (informational replica) comparing to the reality of a natural object. The coefficient shows the compliance of the requirements of the customer with the coming or already obtained prospecting/exploration results. The IF includes both geological and economical aspects of work.

Whenever customer have an area for prospecting/exploration, but not decide yet what the exploration technique should be used, then, we can offer the consulting services in the optimal prospecting/exploration technology building in accordance with the specific of the prospecting area and the customer demands. The building includes: the selection of prospecting/exploration parameters and calculation their numeric values; the building of whole work chain scheme; the filling of every link with the appropriate equipment and analytics. As well, we offer a support of the constructed prospecting/exploration procedure with the field and laboratory sampling and sample treatment, chemical and mineralogical analytics and etc.

In cases of already existing prospecting/exploration sequence, we offer for a customer foregoing and after-going audit. Foregoing audit is useful for analyses of existing prospecting/exploration scheme before the actual field works will be started. In opposite, the mission of after-going audit is to evaluate the IF between the customer requirements and the obtained work results after the work is done.

Stand along service, but still connected with the consulting and audit, offered by our Company is the construction of the software expert system, which allows the customer to obtain the prospecting/exploration scheme for particular investigation area and for particular ore components in accordance with CROCS Technology by entering the feed parameters in. The system issues (produce) at the end the scheme itself, the equipment and analytical recommendations and the calculated diversity of the results in case of strict following the whole advised work chain.