Why use our technologies

Technology, as a tool for practical use, is always hierarchic and includes three basic blocks: metrology in basis; technological chain in where all links are connected by metrology; and material filling of the chain links (machines, equipment, raw materials, appropriate personnel and etc.). Interrelated unity of these three blocks secure gaining of the utilitarian result product with properties, defined beforehand (including information products, for example, the structure of ore component distribution); Each link of the technological chain transmits the defined property from the native original to the work result. It means that each chain link has own transmitting coefficient of information through the link. The multiplication of transmitting coefficients of whole technological chain is characteristics and measure of final product quality. That characteristic is called Concordance Factor (CF), and it reflects the overall value of the whole technological cycle work quality. According to the approach any and every work starts from the setting up the CF together with the customer. The factor shows how precisely and completely the data, obtained within the work, will reflect the properties of the natural original object. In other words, it reflects the quality, authenticity and compliance degree of reported results (informational replica) in comparison to the reality of object’s native settings. Such approach allows the offering for a customer the transparent workflow, where all elements of the project (including economical) are clearly grounded in order to obtain the results in accordance with predetermined CF. The project’s budget is always proportional to the CF value – the higher value, the bigger budget.

The Company’s approach is realized in three own developed unique advanced technologies, which secure the competitive advantages of the Company: technology of “ppm-mineralogy” (©NATI Research), CROCS Technology (©NATI Research) and automated mineralogy technology “ImSca” (©NATI Research). Each technology is built on strict metrological rules, which secure the obtaining of reliable, clear and full results in accordance to the predetermined Concordance Factor. It means that the clear and reliable result will be received inside timeframe, with predetermined efficiency and with optimal investments.