Ore Characterization

After the perspective ore body was found (indicated mineral resources), but before laboratory and pilot studies and reserves calculations works going to be done, some ore characterization works have to be executed. The works results define the natural ore types, the technological ore types, the ore body margins and the ore reserves. Such works are aimed to calculate the economical perspectives of the deposit, and have to be executed in maximum full scale in order to get as certain economical evaluations as possible. Especially, such works are very important in cases of uneven ore component distribution within the ore layer.

Our Company offers for a customer the services in obtaining the reliable and full data for all ore characterization types of works like natural ore types determination and its 2D/3D mapping; technological ore type determination and its 2D/3D mapping; ore margins determination and mapping in cases of uneven ore component distribution; ore reserves calculation; advising the most efficient beneficiation scheme and so on. Our extensive experience and technologies allow as guaranteeing the most full and reliable results in all ore characterization works.