In the field of prospecting or/and exploration services our Company is proud to offer for the client the modern, much more efficient and reliable approach, based on the own developed and widely tested technology called CROCS Technology (Technology of Correct Reflection of Ore Component Structure). Conventional geochemical exploration methods are built on the scheme of collecting samples for chemical analyses with followed by interpretation of the chemical results. In opposite to such old approach, the modern CROCS Technology is adoptive technology for answering the question “is there ore deposit beneath?”. The technology is aimed for obtaining the reliable result definitely answering the question of the customer. It means that the question is prior to the technology application, in opposite to the litho-geochemistry, which first collects the samples and only then answering what kind of deposit could (unclearly) be on the prospecting area.

According to the CROCS Technology, in opposite to the conventional search approaches, the first step is to set up the Identity Factor (IF) (see "Why use our technologies") together with the customer, and then to choose and set up the informative prospecting/exploration parameters (like ore component, prospecting/exploration sensitivity (not the same as analytical sensitivity) and so on), basing on strict metrological rules. Then, as well according to the metrology, the derivative parameters (like weight of representative sample, amount of samples, density of sampling net, sampling method, sample pretreatment methods, analytical methods, whole work budget and many other) will be calculated. The chosen and calculated parameters and their values fully reflect the peculiarity of the prospecting area, and dictate the whole work technological chain and requirements to the equipment and to the personnel. Such approach allows the works to be executed in accordance with the set in advance IF between the reality of natural object and its reflection in results and reports (informational replica). The IF reflects the reliability, quality and economical efficiency of whole work. Then and only then, the clear and reliable answer to the question “is there the certain ore deposit beneath” will be obtained.

The advantages of the CROCS Technology are: higher efficiency, clear and justified budget, shorter time frame and most important reliable and certain answer to the question of customer. According to our more than 10 years experience of testing and application of the technology on different objects in different countries, the IF of the works executed by using the CROCS Technology in comparison with different other prospecting/exploration methods is higher at least for 50% (for example such efficiency rise is very actual in prospecting for gold, IF of which is vary between 10 and 30% in case of using the conventional  prospecting techniques).