NATI Research is the Company, which deals with the mineral resources and environmental issues. Since March 1992 the Company has grown from the small analytical support laboratory to the expert Company with two branches, in Russia and in Europe.
The Company consists of scientists and experts with over 15-years of knowledge and experience in geological research, exploration and beneficiation. Our laboratories are fully equipped with modern equipment for the full-scope research works and expert services in a wide range of geological, exploration, mining and environmental fields of activity.

The visible success of our Company has been secured by own developed advanced technologies, which opens conceptually new risk-minimizing approach, where the quality of the end result is determined beforehand by the customer. You may find detailed descriptions of our three main Technologies by clicking here:

There are four main activities of NATI Research, which we accurately employ depending on the objectives given. These activities themselves consists of deeper coherent arrangements, which you may discover in details clicking below:

Underneath you may also get more information regarding the full vision of the Services we offer. If you still hesitate or wish to get more information about the advantages of our Technologies for your research, please do not hesitate to contac us by email and post, or let us contact you at your convenient time by clicking “Contact Me” links below.